Jeremy Tinianow (tin yeah no) is a cross-disciplinary designer with a focus on bridging the gap between digital and physical. Currently a student at Boulder Digital Works.

Based in sunny Denver, CO and always on the lookout for new opportunities & challenges in the borderlands between design and technology.

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  • Art Director

    • Skreened, Ltd.
    • 2014–2015
  • Art Director

    • Columbus Idea Foundry
    • 2012–2014
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  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Frontend Development



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This is my Elevator Pitch

I’m a designer and a maker. I design things and I build them. I like to make things from scratch when time permits, and I’m efficient when time is short.

I design and develop websites in the browser while looking at them on my phone (always mobile first).

I design print work on the screen and, whenever possible, I print it by hand.

I once built a printing press from scratch and used it to print “thank you” cards that I designed.

I’m obsessed with type and lettering. I know the difference between and en dash & an em dash, and I’ll probably call you out on it.

I also design workflows and design tools. I’ve created typefaces, templates, and icon libraries for clients when all they needed was a promotional piece.

I’m not a unicorn, I’m a mutt.

I’m a designer because design can connect people. Nothing makes me happier than creating things that touch other people’s lives.


  • “Creative Anarchy” by Denise Bosler

    • Posters featured in compilation published by HOW Design.
  • Pinchflat 2014

    • Poster series featured in exhibition of bike-related prints.
  • Pinchflat 2013

    • Poster series featured in exhibition of bike-related prints.


  • Boulder Digital Works

    • Class of 2015
    • Currently pursuing post-grad certificate with a focus in design & technology
  • Ohio State University

    • Class of 2012
    • Graduated cum laude with minor in Design.

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